Handwriting competition

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Handwriting competition

Unread post by yateema » 22 Mar 2008, 16:44



I want to make a competition in handwriting (( the most beautiful handwriting)) in school

but I don't know how to make the paper and sentences

and how to make a question ...?

I need ur creative ideas

please put anything here and I will make it over

your friend ,

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Re: Handwriting competition

Unread post by odyssey » 23 Sep 2009, 07:54

Good idea but make sure it's a competition for the clearest writing, not just the most beautiful.

It doesn't have to be long. The famous typist's sentence would do: it contains every letter in the alphabet...

The little green fox jumps quickly over the lazy dog.

You should give it to them printed or typed on a piece of paper. You are testing their handwriting. If you write it on the board they have something to copy. If you dictate it to them you are no longer just testing their handwriting.

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Re: Handwriting competition

Unread post by xiphiasatsi » 02 May 2013, 07:55

You just want to test their handwriting.So it doesn't matter what topic you give them.Ask them to write on their favorite topic with good handwriting.

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