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Unread postby LeaLea » 04 May 2014, 22:08


I would like to know if people have recommendations for good websites focusing on teaching adults. I will start by recommending the Phrase Mix website and Film English. What about everyone else? For me, sites with interesting, fresh material which combines grammar practice with new vocabulary would be ideal.

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Re: Recommendations

Unread postby Lola212 » 24 Apr 2016, 18:21

Definitely look for fresh and interesting. There is nothing worse than reading something just for reading. When the story is fitting or at least of current interest, your students will enjoy as well as learn.

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Re: Recommendations

Unread postby andrewberlin » 24 Apr 2016, 20:41

I'm not sure if we're allowed to plug our own sites here, but is focused on providing activites for teachers of adult learners.

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Re: Recommendations

Unread postby Susan » 25 Apr 2016, 21:07

I'll answer your question in a PM.

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Re: Recommendations

Unread postby Eric Rom » 26 Jul 2016, 08:56


I think you're looking for a website with a lot of writing work which will improve the grammar right?
Well, if yes, then I generally use to help my students with writing ideas and topics. My students find it very helpful and they read up on the essays, research papers, and other UGC. It has improved their grammar skills and thinking capability.

If not, you can also visit some other sites like Khan Academy etc.

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