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New English "school"

Unread postby DrewRev » 10 Feb 2012, 13:13

Hello, my name's Andy, I'm a volunteer in Poland and as part of my project I'm creating a small language course for the residents of the community I'm working in. The course is aimed at beginners and pre-intermediate adult students. I've had a lot of interest as the course will be free.
Next week I have my first meeting with all the participants. This will not be a lesson, but more an organisational meeting, in order to assess the level of participants and divide them into appropriate groups. The meeting will last around an hour and I'm expecting around 35 people to attend.
I was wondering if anyone has any easy going and fun methods or games in order to determine the level of each student and divide them up into the relevant classes. Also this will be an introduction, so I was thinking of a basic game, students in a circle passing a ball around, "hello, my name is ..... etc". Through this I can get a general idea of who is an absolute beginner or not, and the students can introduce one another.
This is just an initial plan, if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful to hear them!

Thanks for reading


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