CELTA Intermediate lesson

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CELTA Intermediate lesson

Unread postby celtatima » 16 Jul 2011, 16:03

Hello all....

Im doing a CELTA intermediate lesson and the lesson is divided up amongst two of us..... I will be doing the page that is full of practice on future forms....basically a restricted activity putting together sentences then the second activity is similar but gives more leeway and options to make a sentence and third activity is much freer and they will answer questions about their lives but referring to the future.

Im kinda confused cuz the teacher before me will have explained the future form and gone thru all the stages to complete her lesson...

now im starting from practice so would i for instance have a lead in then preteach any vocab in my practice exercises that I think they won't know then review the meaning/use, form, pronunciation when they have just taken it....then start with the activities?

the activities I could turn into like a game show or something Im just not sure how the lesson plan will look like and how to go through all the stages as the previous teacher has taught it all.

I would appreciate any help...thanks

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