what to teach in a 12h intensive course

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what to teach in a 12h intensive course

Unread postby rpsavoie » 07 Jul 2011, 17:31

Hi everybody,

I'm new here. I'm a non native EFL teacher and so far I have taught in secondary schools and some private tuition too. I'm used to teaching a long term syllabus (at least a school term) and in August I'm asked to help a student (17 years old) with only a 12 h intensive course (2 weeks) in English before he starts school. He is supposed to have B1 level but according to my experience, students who need help with their English generally don't even have A2 level.

12 hours is such a short course. I don't really know what to teach as a priority. I guess I'll have to focus on grammar rather than others skills. Such is very often the case with private tuition.
Can you help me and give some advice, please ?

Thanks a lot

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