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Lower Intermediate Coursebook for One-on-One Instruction

Posted: 29 Apr 2011, 19:44
by silverbill
I'm trying to find a coursebook to use for a private student, my nephew's fiancee who is coming to live in the States. I know she studied some English in school in Argentina but I'm not sure about her level. At this point, I'm guessing around lower intermediate. I do plan to test her before we order anything, so recommendations for placement materials available online would also be greatly appreciated.

Since she will be coming here to live and work and possibly will have to go back to school, she's going to need to attain a fairly high level of written and conversational fluency, so I'm thinking we should use a systematic program to minimize the gaps in her learning.

I haven't done any teaching in more than ten years and so I'm not really familiar with what's available now. I was looking at Headway, Face2Face, and New English File but am open to any suggestions.

Re: Lower Intermediate Coursebook for One-on-One Instruction

Posted: 16 Jun 2011, 08:14
by vendeene
Hi. For a more business-orientated approach if she's going to be looking for work, I'd suggest the International express series by Oxford University Press. They do an American English version, I think.