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Unread postby Alexbulgo » 27 Feb 2011, 21:38

Hi all

As a trainee, and a very new one at that, I'm struggling to come up with some decent and sensible CCQs for the phrase 'blind date' for a group of upper intermediate students.

Maybe something along the lines of:

If two people go on a blind date have they met each other before?
Do they know what the other person looks like?

Of course both assume that the students understand the word 'date'!

Be grateful for any other learned suggestions!



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Re: CCQs

Unread postby Jemineye » 13 Oct 2012, 12:05

Even though you're assuming that they know what a "date" is, still CCQ it anyway, just in case. I don't know where you're students are from, but if they're a multi-lingual class, then every little helps.

The questions you have there are fine to be honest. I don't know if you need a lot of CCQs for this, but if you want, you could also, add:

"Are they blind/can they see each other?" (if you wanted to cross reference the difference between 'being blind' and a 'blind date')

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