Need advice about ILP (Individual Learning Plan)

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Need advice about ILP (Individual Learning Plan)

Unread postby leelpool » 19 Sep 2010, 12:28

Hi all,

I'm enquiring to see if any other ESOL teachers can give me advice how to do an Individual Learning Plan for my class. I studied the assessment cycle when I did my Cert Trinity TESOL, eg. needs analysis, diagnostics etc. But we did not cover ILPs.

I'm a fairly newly qualified TESOL teacher, and I have been asked to teach a level 1 class. I work as a volunteer and my organisation have asked me to do ILPs included with the diagnostics, needs assessments etc. Ideally I would like to interview my students first (individually) to assess them. But I have been asked to do all the assessments, then teach all in the same day.

I would be grateful if anybody can give me advice on how what approach to use and how to do ILPs.

Thank you,

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