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Unread postby GEORDIE » 15 Jan 2009, 18:37

Hello, i moved to Surrey , BC from England 2yrs ago. I,m 39 yrs old + had done a translators course in 1985/86 at college. It was either a BTEC diploma or a City & Guilds. I also did a 2 yr BTEC Business Diploma + a part-time course similar to teaching ESL.
Soon after finishing college i started my own business + didn,t really do any type of work connected to my translating+ ESL courses.
Since arriving in Canada i have done 6 mths volunteer work for an ESL school teaching adults in grades 3, 4 +5.
I found this so comfortable + would like to become an ESL teacher here.The college i attended some 23 yrs ago has closed + i,ve had no joy in trying to get copies of my certificates.
Can i do a quick test in Surrey/Vancouver to prove my credentials please.

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Unread postby systematic » 17 Jan 2009, 15:51

That's a shame about your certificates.If your employers want to see some credentials, I can't really see any other alternative to doing a TESOL course. You'll whizz through it. Check out the other topics on this board for more information about TESOL courses and how to choose wisely. Some are available on-line, but generally attendance courses of a minimum of 120 hours with 6 hours observed teaching practice are the most readily accepted.
I offer any information or advice 'as is' and hope that it has been of help. I am not an admin of this board, and my postings do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the board management.
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Unread postby Peter Easton » 31 Jan 2009, 08:10

Geordie, if you want to prove your credentials, don't write to your prospective employers in the same way you have written your post.

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Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 04 Feb 2009, 14:42

With 6 months teaching experience under your belt you don’t need to attend an in-house course with TP. A quality online course will provide not only the credentials you need but also a solid understanding of the principles behind teaching English as a second or foreign language, as well as practical ideas on how to make any lesson a fruitful and enjoyable experience for both yourself and your students.

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