Teaching grammar- Help!

English grammar and usage issues

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Teaching grammar- Help!

Unread postby danishami » 25 Oct 2013, 12:27

Hello everyone!

I am an English teacher from Israel. I teach English as a foreign language L2 in 9th grade.
for my students, learning grammar has been very difficult, they just can`t figure it out. Maybe something is wrong with the way I`m teaching it, English is not me L1 as well.
Can you please advise me how to teach grammar in a clear and interesting way? for example the prefect tenses

Thank you

Shir Moshe
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Re: Teaching grammar- Help!

Unread postby Shir Moshe » 31 Oct 2013, 23:16

hope you get an answer soon, I'm Interested to hear ideas too.

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Re: Teaching grammar- Help!

Unread postby doomer » 01 Feb 2014, 19:53

I use grammar as the primary, initial foundation to communicative competency. I only teach privately.

The main problem with grammar is the way it is traditionally organized & taught: separate, isolated chunks as a supplement to content, and using terminology that may not be practical for certain learners (I teach Chinese students).

For example, perfect tenses are all traditionally taught separately (present, past, future). So of course, most students won't understand how they are related & to use them properly.

I strongly suggest analyzing the grammar yourself, reorganizing it, and to teach it "holistically". Start with the 4 basic tenses first.

Clarity is already interesting.

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