Long vowels and Reduced Long Vowels

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Long vowels and Reduced Long Vowels

Unread postby koster » 06 Mar 2005, 19:25

I am an EFL Teacher, and I have been asked by one student I teach privately to help him distinguish between "long vowels" and "reduced long vowels". He needs to be able to do this for a course he is studying which leads to an examination.

I have never taught this and don´t know what they are. Please could someone help me with some examples, preferably minimal pairs, and any tips on teaching this?

The course is "That's English" which has been created by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in collaboration with the BBC. There is an exercise on the level 7 course CD-ROM which requires the students to put "long vowels" and "reduced long vowels" in the correct category.

Thanks in advance!

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Long vowels and reduced long vowels

Unread postby malcolm » 17 Mar 2005, 12:59


I couldn't get through to your website.

I haven't heard of this. Is the difference between long vowels like ee in "me" and diphthongs like /ai/ in my?

can't say any more mate

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Unread postby chosimba » 20 May 2005, 22:33

For a learner to differentiate between long and short vowels, they must be able to hear the difference before being able to produce the difference. There are many different techniques for this. I have found many tasks from doing a search for minimal pairs on dogpile.com. Hope this helps! :D

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