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Grammar taster

Unread postby mrbushuk » 15 Sep 2004, 01:47


I am currently half way through a 2 day crash course in English Grammar. The idea was to better prepare myself for a TEFL course.

Although I am half way there with the work covered so far, it is fair to say i really am struggling. In fact, so much so that I am thinking of not taking a TEFL course as I might not make a good teacher. I was hoping this course would build my confidence rather than weaken it!

Might the TEFL course itself help with grammar or am I doomed?!

Thank you


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have no fear

Unread postby jasminade » 15 Sep 2004, 16:08

dear richard

i remember after the grammar exam part of my assessment to become a tefl teacher talking to the director of the school. i had similar worries like yourself. he and my tutuor both agree that teaching is through practise and "love".

the grammar aspect is quite logical. rather that thinking about how much you know, indeed, how little you know, focus on the learning and your student. and if it is a grammar aspect that is new to you, enjoy the new learning.

the number one thing is to exude confidence, and if you do not fully know a student's question, be honest (well, not overly-honest) and tell him or her that you will return to her with the answer.

it is a good job, you will never know everything, but neither will anybody. so enjoy!


Unread postby Guest » 15 Sep 2004, 18:30


Thanks very much for the words of encouragement. They mean a lot!

Onwards and upwards! It is the final part of my crash course in grammar tomorrow. I'll take in as much as I can like a sponge, and use what I have learnt as a starting point for ongoing learning.

Many thanks


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