Game app for teaching phrasal verbs (Android)

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Game app for teaching phrasal verbs (Android)

Unread post by aurays » 26 May 2014, 10:50

Hi everyone,

based on our experience as ESL/EFL teachers, we found out that there was a lack of engaging game apps for teaching English phrasal verbs. We have created a game app for Android for teaching phrasal verbs to kids and adults alike. Since phrasal verbs are not an easy topic for ESL/EFL students, we wanted to make the learning experience engaging and fun, and give it a story, characters, different levels, high scores, surprises, presents, etc. to maximize the time students spend learning and give them a good introduction to the phrasal verbs.

We humbly present to you Phrasal Nerds and are very much looking forward to discuss our app with you, and to hear your feedback.

We hope this post is not considered spam, as we feel our app can be helpful to other teachers: that's why we made it in the first place. Without reaching out to teachers there is not much use in it, we hope you enjoy it and that it helps you get your students into phrasal verbs! ;)

Here is a link to Phrasal Nerds on Google Play. ...

If you are a teacher using tablets in the classroom, you can also find it in Google Play for Education, a program that eases getting apps to students for participating schools.

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Re: Game app for teaching phrasal verbs (Android)

Unread post by Lola212 » 01 May 2016, 17:50

This sounds perfect.

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