Activities for asking about possessions in a EFL class?

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Activities for asking about possessions in a EFL class?

Unread postby joanol » 11 Mar 2014, 21:06

Hello everyone! I am a trainee teacher from Peru and I've been given a class to teach (it is only an hour and a half long). I was wondering if you could suggest me a couple of ideas to prepare activities for my EFL class. The topic to practice (actually it is only making Ss practice, I don't know why I said a "class to teach") is "asking about possessions and saying thank you". However, I've been given just one day to prepare it and would like to get some ideas from you. Could you help me, please? I am in a rush to finish my activities, so the fast you help me the better. I'd like you to provide me with some activities you like to use when teaching this topic (take into account that I won't have more than 25 students). I'll aprecciate your help, thanks.

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