Compound Adjectives Lesson (one-hour, printable and free)

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Compound Adjectives Lesson (one-hour, printable and free)

Unread postby davidbowesuk » 28 Dec 2012, 04:28

Hey guys, hope you're all well. Got something special for you…

I've just added a free printable lesson to my site, Teaching Truffles. It's a one-hour lesson which focuses on 3 kinds of compound adjective. The context for the lesson is deadly mythical creatures, which is pretty fun for both the teacher and the students.

The ideal demographic for the lesson is teens / adults at the advanced level. It may even be worth trying with upper intermediates. Take a look and judge for yourself.

The first half of the lesson uses a series of carefully structured handouts which introduce and drill the meaning and form of the target language. The board game which follows is the fun part. It requires a little prep before class, but it's totally worth it.

By the end of the lesson, students are usually able to produce an impressive amount of the target language freely. So, it's not only fun, it's highly productive!

The lesson is called “Heart Stopping Fear” and can be found here:

If you try it, feel free to give me some feedback! Best of luck.

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