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British School of Nardo

Unread post by LuciScaffe » 09 Sep 2019, 16:45

The British Schools in Italy are very common and spread all over the country. They are a franchise, but each school can be run very differently, depending on the kind of staff who run them. The British school of Nardo is run by a disgusting man who is rude, very selfish and aggressive to his teaching staff. He seems nice during a Skype interview. He can promise you many things. But after you arrive in Italy, then you realise that the director is a terrible person. He has a flat for teachers and he tells you in the interview that it is fully furnished, very modern with complete kitchen. But this is total rubbish. The kitchen is very old, the oven does not work properly. If you try to use the oven then the fuse gets burnt out. If you try to use it then the electricity of the whole flat can cut out. The sockets on the wall are loose and you risk getting electrocuted. The flat is a disgusting, grimy place with dangerous electrics and wiring. The director does not give a shit about the condition of the flat... but he is very happy to charge you 200 Euros for the flat. He takes the money out of your wages. And the bills are not all included. He is very vague about this in your interview. He says that most things are included. But you will pay extra bills for electricity, gas for the cooker, and there is no internet in the flat. The director is a liar and a greedy person, who wants to save money and keep his teachers living in rubbish conditions. NOT worth 200 Euros, not even 100 Euros. The British School have many branches in Italy. They generally have a good name across Italy. But this is a franchise operation, so the people who run these places are not so professional. The British School of Nardo is run by a racist man who is very unfriendly to some foreign teachers. He recruits teachers with a high turnover and works people to the ground. The director is really a 'dictator' and he has no respect for teachers. A very mean and selfish man. He has threatened violence to some teachers and he can make you feel very uncomfortable in his office. He also has his wife and daughter working with him. He uses them too, and he makes them pretend to be nice... with fake smiles and pretending that they care. The wife and daughter are very inquisitive. The wife tries to find out many things from you and she tells some stupid shit to her dictator husband. The daughter is actually nice at times and it is very hard to believe that she is the daughter of the disgusting director of this school. I think she must have a different father!! For legal reasons the name of the people in this school will not be mentioned.

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