Also thinking of prospects in Germany

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Also thinking of prospects in Germany

Unread postby CJKliks » 24 Jul 2014, 05:05

I posted earlier about France, but I'm also thinking of Germany.

I’m a veteran teacher coming back to the world of EFL after a 10-year break. (Geez, I hope I’m not too old ☺)

So let me say that I taught overseas in several countries for 14 years, and I think I have a pretty good sense of the EFL world as a whole. I’m not in the this for big money. That said, I want to return to EFL teaching because it’s about doing what I do best, doing something that gives me great satisfaction, and enjoying a greater balance between work and life. I’ve worked a number of dull, poorly paid jobs back here in the States, so for me the clear alternative is to return to a life as an EFL instructor.

My EU-member wife and I are planning to return to Europe next year to start a new life. We’ve been thinking about Germany. Basically, I’m trying here to get a sense of what I might be able to expect as a non-EU citizen looking for EFL work in Germany. With 14 years of EFL behind me, a Bachelors Degree (in East Asian Studies) + a CELTA, and an intermediate level of German, what can I realistically expect? I’ve already started the homework, and I’m coming to the conclusion that it’s kind of case-by-case. Some schools seem to prefer EU-only, while others are willing to hire non-EU citizens. Some are part-time and/or freelance only, while others are willing to offer full-time contracts. I’m curious to know what anyone has to offer. Thank you in advance!

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