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Employment in Italy

Unread postby Mariel » 31 May 2013, 02:12

Hi All,
I've been contacted by an ESL school in Italy through eslemployment.com for a job opening they'd like to fill.

It's a regular ESL teaching job, by all apparent means, but being the scardy-cat I am I thought it'd be wise to get some more info on them and teaching in Italy, in general. The school's called Connor Language Services, and according to their website it's a language institute in Milan that also provides English for specific purposes coaching, besides regular courses.

I'm not a native speaker but have acquired my familiarity with the language due to a period of time living in the US as a kid. I also don't have any teaching certificates, just a CPE and experience as a teacher here in Brazil, where my husband and I are currently based.

Having heard that the market's pretty competitive, especially when it comes to being certified and a native speaker (both qualities which I do not possess), I was quite surprised having been called for an interview - and even more so when I was told that the job description also included (partial) airfare reimbursement and that they'd be willing to arrange for a visa for my husband as well.

Anyways, I'd just like to hear from anyone if they've had any prior contact with this specific school or if the case specifics seem well within the range of normality. I appreciate everyone's help in advance and sorry for the long post!

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Re: Employment in Italy

Unread postby alextj » 05 Jun 2013, 14:30

Hi Mariel,

I can't comment on Connor specifically - they're a competitor of ours here in Milan, so it's not my place.

Your teaching experience probably counts for a lot, and if I remember correctly they have an induction day or similar in any case for new teacher, as they have a specific method to follow.

Before arriving in Italy it's a good idea to check out these FAQs on teaching here, especially the ones about contracts and taxes: http://www.tjtaylor.net/FAQs

I hope they help,

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Re: Employment in Italy

Unread postby MilanInglese » 29 Jul 2013, 20:51

Connors are good if you're an unqualified teacher. They accept more or less anybody, give them a week's training and then send them out to teach people who believe they are being taught by experienced mothertongue teachers.

Their 'method' like those of so many of the schools in the area is empty. The connor method consists (or did until 2 years ago) of using the same books as everybody else, but adding a TEMPO block - a few minutes each lesson on telephone, email, meetings, presentations and "optimisation". All this can be condensed into a dozen sheets of A4, taught in a few hours and will be used on every sucker, regardless of what he or she actually needs from his or her lessons. The company is run by a conceited, arrogant man called Paul and his sidekick dos. They talk to teachers as if they were teaching bum-wiping to mentally deficient donkeys and provide the best motivation I've ever found to push a teacher towards working for him or her self.

Like all the other schools in Milan, my friend, avoid them like the plague. Check out which of them have shut down this year without paying teachers, how many have failed to pay teachers but not had the manners to shut down.. You'll find the names if you look online.

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Re: Employment in Italy

Unread postby Shazza » 17 Feb 2015, 12:29

Hi, I'm looking to work in Italy during the summer and/or from September onwards. Could you recommend any good schools or academies I could contact or are any of the places you work looking to hire. I have 2 years experience teaching in Spain and have a masters degree.

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Re: Employment in Italy - Benedict School, Naples

Unread postby rahul » 18 Aug 2016, 12:29

The Benedict Schools in Italy have run for some time. They did have excellent reputation, but one of their branches is terrible and should be avoided. I am referring to Benedict School in Pomigliano D'arco (near Naples). It is a small school which has falsely advertised for TEFL teachers, offering them support which does not even exist. It is one of the worst schools in Naples. The school has very limited resources and not enough books for teachers. There is no teacher resource room and no computers for teachers to use. There is just a Wi-Fi connection which is not even stable. Teachers have to use an empty classroom as a place to prepare lessons and often get moved around or told to leave unless they have a lesson. The receptionist, Valentina, is really sweet and nice. But she is forced to take care of many things, and without enough energy so she is rather pathetic. The poor girl is over-worked to do reception, admin, be a course manager and more. So she can get rather hard up and bitter. Benedict School has a low number of staff and they do not look after their teachers well.

This school is a family run school, but managed with lack of resources and lack of professionalism. This is because the ageing owner has brought in her clueless daughter into the business as an assistant director. I was treated aggressively and rudely by the Assistant Director. Her name is Elsa Carmen Leone and she is a rude and cold mannered person. She does not give enough resources to Teachers and forces them to share with each other. She occasionally gets very stressed up and uses offensive language and is difficult to approach for help and support. Elsa is the daughter of the ageing owner of this school. She is being groomed to take over the school, so she has been pushed into a Director position with barely a few years of experience. She is a spoilt girl who has little manners and respect for other people. Elsa claims to give you all the support you need... and occasionally she can be nice and helpful if she is in a good mood. But she is generally a moody woman and not so pleasant. The school has gone worse because Elsa has to be so fucking rude. She is a little wild and rough but sometimes she likes to suddenly flirt with a male teacher and expects you to buy her drinks. Elsa is desperately looking for a good guy to treat her right, but it is so hard for her because she is fat and not so charming as she thinks. She needs her make-up just to look a bit normal. Poor Elsa needs to realise that she is fat, rather ugly and needs to stop being rude!! She wants to be queen of English, and yet she needs to learn the language right. She is assistant director, but she needs to know about teaching. She flirts with men who are out of her league as she is fat and ugly. The only time she is nice and pleasant is when she wants something from you, and you are definitely in her social circles if you suck up to her. Elsa is a spiteful bitch who really exploits you so be careful. She treats teaching staff in a cheap manner and makes working at the school a real hassle. A nice thing about her is that occasionally there is a piss-up at a bar and Elsa will take you out for drinks... but you need to pay all the time and even pay for Elsa sometimes!! She is a selfish bimbo, but that's OK because she is the owner's little girl. Elsa give favours to teachers who satisfy her needs! She takes out her stress on other people for not being able to do her job properly.

A good thing is that you are given accommodation. It is advertised in the job advert as being cheap and modern, really great.... but actually it is not modern and quite basic. There is no central heating and you will share with other teachers, paying about 250 Euros for a room plus 85 Euros for utilities. There is a senior teacher at the school who lives at the flat. He is an Irish guy called Donal Kennedy and he can help you out if you are very nice with him. Donal is a homosexual in his 60s. He can be rather racist and insensitive at times, especially when he is drunk. Donal is a nightmare to live with. It's best to stay out of his way. The kitchen is rather small and Donal takes up most of it with his beers, spirits and food. He tells Elsa all kinds of lies about you if he does not like you. You better learn to suck Donal's cock really good if you want to get on with him. The accommodation is provided which is good, but there is no modern heating and just old radiators. Winters can get cold in the flat and the electricity can often do down. It can not handle all the modern appliances. The best thing about this school is that it is located near Naples.

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