General all round advice for TEFL courses, including Spain

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General all round advice for TEFL courses, including Spain

Unread postby Bazzinga » 22 May 2013, 18:56

Hi there all.

I am hoping that some of you may be able to provide me with information for questions I have. Here goes.....

I am currently an assistant manager for a domiciliary care company. I graduated last year in Human Psychology (BSc with honours) and considering a postgraduate course this year. What am I babbling on about I hear you say.

Well I am also considering applying and partaking in a TEFL course to enhance my employability prospects as well as widening my own qualification spectrum. I would generally like to work abroad, particularly Spain, the USA (my sister lives over there) or Down Under. But for now I would like to focus on Spain.

Now I have no teaching qualifications, nor do I have any teaching experience. The TEFL course, I was hoping would give me some insight and a foot in the door to new opportunities. I wouldn't mind teaching in the UK if the opportunity arose as this could give me some very valuable experience.

However, I have a young family (5 year old daughter and 9 month old son, accompanied by a wife to be). Does this make it more difficult for me?

Basically with all I have mentioned how far will a TEFL course take me? Does my previous education and work experience help me?

I do like the idea of supporting others to learn and the motivation comes from the resulting altruistic feeling.

So who and how many of you lovely forum people can assist me in my investigative plight?

All responses are gratefully received, good or bad. Thank you

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