Which European country for an American beginner teacher?

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Which European country for an American beginner teacher?

Unread post by dphilbin » 05 Mar 2013, 15:26

I am currently taking a 120 hour TEFL course and have a bachelor's degree in English. I want to teach in Europe, but since I'm American, it's difficult to get a visa sponsor in most of the continent, especially in Western Europe. I'm wondering where in Europe (EU or non-EU) would it be easier for an American to find a TESOL/TEFL/ESL job and get a work visa? I've heard that one can find work in smaller cities in Spain (too many people want to work in Madrid and Barcelona), and Russia and Poland both seem to have a decently high demand. Does anyone know what my best bet would be? Is there much demand in the Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria), Romania, Ukraine, or Hungary? I'm considering volunteering teaching English through Workaway and learning the language of whatever country I'm going to. I'm thinking this might make me more employable.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Which European country for an American beginner teacher?

Unread post by MarkTeacher » 29 Aug 2013, 03:56

Hi Dphilibin

I'm not sure if being a non-European would limit your opportunities or not. I suspect not. You can always spend 3 months in Europe looking for work on the ground. That may be a better bet as it indicates that you are committed and will give yourself a subconcious boost making you go that extra mile to make it work.

There will be a lot of demand for American teachers, have no doubt. I worked for 5 years in the small Spanish city of Pamplona and I did meet quite a lot of US teachers workiing there so I know you can make it work. I worked for several months with ESIC languages and they employed American teachers. Bear in mind that due to the crisis, Spanish pay may not be so good but you can always get a fair amount of freelance work, which is what I mostly did for 5 years over there.

All the best.
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Re: Which European country for an American beginner teacher?

Unread post by MartinHejhal » 26 Sep 2013, 13:23

Hello dphilbin,
I recommend the Czech Republic. The demand is high, teachers are preferred when applying for a visa, and the work visa costs are not so high.
Good luck,

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