The dark side of Hungarian job ads

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The dark side of Hungarian job ads

Unread postby Mephy » 15 Jan 2013, 13:02

Hungarian job ads do not tell you the truth. When you read them, I suggest you read between the lines.

What they tell you?

... competitive hourly rate.” – This does not really say much, especially if you do not know what the current rate is.

... a low cost of living.” – This may have been true about 10 years ago, but grocery prices and utility bills have caught up with the rest of Europe. Inflation is fairly high in Hungary.

Some private schools claim that you can earn up to €1000 a month. Of course you can, when you do loads of overtime and take on private students.

What they don’t tell you?

You will be paid cash in hand (no tax) or the tax is declared for the minimum wage and you get the rest cash in hand. Corruption is pretty much widespread in Hungary. Just make sure the Hungarian tax authorities don't catch you!

The school does not pay for your flights.

Most schools do not provide accommodation. Landlords usually charge foreigners very high rent with a deposit and a month in advance (but do not expect to get the deposit back).

The school does not pay you during the holidays (and there are plenty of them).

Don’t get ill! You won’t get any sick pay.

The school does not guarantee you a full timetable. A bad term can result in you working just to keep your head above the water.

Your timetable will probably be as follows if you work in a private school in Hungary:

Monday to Friday 7.00 am – 9.30 am and then from 6 pm to 7.30 pm. The school might also expect you to teach on Saturday mornings as well (and don't expect to be paid extra for this).

It is also possible that you might have to work at lunch time as well.

Many private schools even require you to do a lot of paperwork and write reports. Of course, this is also unpaid.

Be ready to travel all over the place. You might get paid for the bus or train ticket, but you are not paid for the time it takes you to get to your destination and back again. In some cases, this might take up to an hour.

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