Looking for a Tefl job but no degree

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Looking for a Tefl job but no degree

Unread postby lovetoteach » 21 Nov 2012, 09:43

I have recently completed my 120 hour Tefl and was under the impression from Tefl that finding a job would be easy due o the huge demand for English teachers.

I have found in the past 2 months of applying for jobs everywhere that this NOT the case. I have this certificate plus 4 years teaching experience in London and Switzerland but alas have no degree.

I have been applying in Europe and Asia but no luck. I have a British passport, which would allow me to work in Europe .

I realize that many tefl teachers before had not degree but did get jobs but that was sometime ago and the situation was different then.

Should I keep on applying or due to the heavy recession is getting a tefl job in Europe with no degree impossible? Pls can you advise me as to what I can do in my case given the present economic climate.

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Re: Looking for a Tefl job but no degree

Unread postby MarkTeacher » 19 Aug 2013, 01:27

Hi Love to,

We recruit online teachers in our online teaching English school and we need experience and knowledge of Spanish: nothing else apart from being a good person etc.

Also, my friend has an academy in Pamplona and his requirements don't include a degree. Experience is more important for him.

So not having a degree definately not should be a problem. In 8 years, I have never been asked for a specific teaching certificate.

All the best.
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Re: Looking for a Tefl job but no degree

Unread postby MartinHejhal » 26 Sep 2013, 14:33

just keep on applying. We also take on some teachers without a degree, even though it is a bit easier to get a job if you have one. For example, Association of Certified Language Schools here in the Czech Republic requires 75% of staff to have a degree+TEFL. However, there's still 25% of positions for people without a degree.
Good luck,

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