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Teaching English in Milan and Lombardia

Unread postby MilanInglese » 09 Apr 2012, 10:14

I have been teaching in and around Milan for the past 6 or so years. I've more or less had enough now and am returning to the UK at the end of the summer. A year or so ago, some friends and I (all teachers) decided to turn our hobby of designing websites into a small business, specialising in designing websites for teachers. It's all we plan to do when we get back to the UK.

However, before we leave Italy, we wanted to do something to help promote independent English teachers in Milan and the rest of Lombardia. The reasons for wanting to do this are too extensive to go into here..

We decided to create a free to join teacher directory, a place where teachers can register themselves, have a profile page which outlines their skills and experience, and a place where potential studets can search these profiles and contact teachers directly. We created two sites; one is our teacher info and registration site - www.milanoinglese.com - and the other is the public access site where students can find a teacher - www.milanoinglese.it - and both sites are free to use.

It's our non-commercial (not for profit) way of helping private teachers. Have a look at the sites and see what you think. If you live and work here, register. It is't open to skype or online teachers; the sites exist to promote teachers here, on the ground, teaching face to face in Lombardia. Please note: we do not offer jobs, only provide you with a place to promote yourself.

Teacher Information: www.milanoinglese.com
Public site: www.milanoinglese.it

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