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Moscow schools- shady or not?

Posted: 29 Dec 2011, 01:44
by maekat
I'm about to start my Trinity College TESOL certification in Prague and I'm in the process of applying for jobs in Russia, preferably Moscow, to start after my program ends on Feb. 3rd.

Google searching and intensive forum scouring has given me some good info on many schools in Russia (no thanks, Windsor School!), but others I'm having a very hard time finding any information about. Does anyone have any experience, passing knowledge, or even hearsay about any of the following institutions?

American Academy of Foreign Languages
British Business Language Centre
Sunny Plus English School
Benedict School (apparently based in Petersburg, but places in some other cities)

I've applied for a couple of places, one of which I feel the most confident about and prefer, but it's hard applying for jobs using a qualification I don't have yet, and I'm not sure they're gonna go for it. I can't afford too long of a gap between the Prague course and employment, so I'm hoping I can convince potential employers that I'm serious and will not be leaving Prague without a TESOL cert.

I'd love any advice anyone has to share about other schools in or around Moscow that I should check out, or any schools I should avoid.

Re: Moscow schools- shady or not?

Posted: 23 Aug 2012, 05:10
by cmhofer
Hi! I was wondering if anyone ever replied to your questions in this post. I myself am looking for a teaching position in Moscow this fall. Since you yourself have done the 'scouring,' as you said - have you ever heard of Inlingua? I've gotten mixed 'internet chatter' about their practices and treatment of employees, and I am looking for a way to learn more about them. Did you ever end up getting your TESOL certificate and go to Moscow to teach?

Re: Moscow schools- shady or not?

Posted: 23 Aug 2012, 19:40
by RUdoniV
Well, as for me I received my TEFL cert. through Via Lingua in Sankt Peterburg at the Benedict School and had NO problems finding work even during the summer months (I completed my course 22.06.2012). I currently work FULL-time at the Glory School in Sankt Peterburg. I had worked for the Denis' School but getting paid was a big hassle. Matter of fact I just received July's pay today! Needless to say I do not work for them anymore. I'm sorry I cannot help you in regards to Moscow schools but if you have a change of heart and would like to venture North you'll have no trouble finding work in Sankt Peterburg and the cost of living is less than Moscow (and the people more friendlier too).

A satisfied Texan in Russia!

Re: Moscow schools- shady or not?

Posted: 28 Aug 2012, 13:36
by maekat
I did end up finishing my Trinity and getting work in Moscow, where I currently live. I studied in Petersburg in college, and I liked it but personally I think I like Moscow better.

cmhofer, I have heard of inlingua, but I don't know much about them. I think I have a pretty good feel for the general EFL job situation in Moscow, though, so feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if you're looking for any advice about your job search.

Re: Moscow schools- shady or not?

Posted: 13 Mar 2014, 16:46
by teachergirl
I worked for inLingua Moscow and would not recommend it. Rather shady place with lots of revolving teachers and administrators. Best route in the city is definitely to go private and find students for 1-1 or small group lessons. You can make double, triple what an EFL school will pay you and you don't have to use their often subpar company books and materials.