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Unread postby michaeldt » 25 Sep 2011, 05:53

im a young Australian looking to move to Ljubljana as my girlfrend is slovenian and studying there. Has anyone worked in slovenia before? what are my chances of finding fulltime work?
I am currently studying an 120 hour TEFL course and have some engish teaching experience as well as ALOT of music tuition experience. Any advice on the country would be awsome. even work visa info.

thanks alot

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Unread postby Briona » 25 Sep 2011, 10:38

With all due respect it doesn't sound as though you've thought this through at all.

Slovenia is a member of the EU so unless you have a passport from an EU member state, you're unlikely to find legal work there. The recession has made it even harder. As Slovenia is NOT one of the countries participating in the Working Holiday Maker program, your only hope is getting an EU passport through an ancestry claim. If that's not open to you, you really need to rethink this.

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