TEFL in Poland?

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TEFL in Poland?

Unread postby joqnnn » 06 Jun 2011, 19:14

Hi there,

I'm seriously contemplating and researching into doing a TEFL (CELTA) course in the near future. As for location, I'm looking into Poland as I went through Southern Poland whilst travelling a few years ago and enjoyed it very much -- I also have an affinity for Eastern Europe and would love to visit/work in Russia one day. I'm thinking Poland would be a good choice for me as because of previous visits and relatively close proximity to my home (UK) would allow less chance of serious culture shock that could happen going further afield. On a practical level, being an EU country helps with presumerably less competition from American/Australian/Canadian teachers seems to make sense for me, as well as Poland being potentially a less saturated market compared to Czech Republic and the Mediterranean countries. I'm not after high wages and a country with low cost of living would suit me to get experience and would be willing to work in any of the surrounding countries to get experience.

Does anyone have any experience of living and working in Poland (or surrounding countries) as an ESL teacher? Also, is Poland considered a good starting point for me to take a CELTA course in one of the major cities and be able to find suitable work to gain experience (I have a good degree in an English-related subject and currently completing an MA course, plus around 20 hours tuition experience)?

Thanks a lot for any help and advice.

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