American teaching in Brussels

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American teaching in Brussels

Unread postby amosalerno » 27 Apr 2011, 08:53

Hello, After looking over other posts and numerous other websites, there is an overwhelming consensus that it is very difficult for non-EU citizens to find work legally in Belgium, but nonetheless possible. So, as opposed to pointlessly asking the same question again, I am wondering if there is anyone here currently teaching in Brussels (or other sizable Flemish town/city) who is NOT an EU citizen and doing so legally. Specifically, how were you successful in finding work? Are you working for an international language school, or some other institution? Were there simply not enough British and Irish citizens to fill all the positions, or did you market yourself in such a way that you got the position regardless? It seems to me that with western Europe, every American who wants to work there goes over on a tourist visa, pursues work in person, and prays that a language school will be willing to go through the hassle of submitting visa documents...... Thanks for all replies!

If you care to know about my situation, I am planning on going to Holland in July for a 3-week long law seminar (unrelated to TEFL) as I hold a bachelor degree in poli. sci. I am wanting to go directly to Brussels after that to find work with my degree and 150 hr. tefl cert. It is my understanding that the academic year starts in September, but I am obviously wanting to secure a position ASAP, preferably in August if there is any chance of doing so. I have no teaching experience, but I have done 2 internships w/ international non-profits and I have over 5 years of customer service experience here in the states. I like studying Italian and Dutch in my free time. Long term I would like to teach English in Brussels and continue to study international law/relations as well as other languages part time. -Mark

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