Working as an independent tutor

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Working as an independent tutor

Unread postby joolzey » 07 Jan 2011, 23:31

I have 10 years ESL experience and am in the process of getting my DELTA certificate.
I may need to supplement my income and am considering independent tutoring.
Can you give me a list of dos, don'ts and general advice for setting up as a tutor.
I'm wondering if it's a bit like hairdressing and you have to build a clientele by word of mouth. Thoughts would be most welcome.

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Re: Working as an independent tutor

Unread postby Alex Case » 09 Jan 2011, 14:02

It's pretty old, but there's still a lot of good advice in One to One: A Teacher's Handbook.

Onestopenglish also has a section on the topic (including stuff by me, although I haven't looked to check if they are tips I would still agree with now...)

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