Going freelance in France

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Going freelance in France

Unread postby vendeene » 08 Oct 2010, 08:57

I am currently in the process of setting up my own business as a freelance English teacher in France, offering my services to companies and private individuals under the new "auto-entrepreneur" scheme.I have now got all the necessary admin information that I need for this. I have, however, had parents of lycéens ask me to do a course to prepare their teenagers for the TOEIC.
Does anyone know how I can do this in addition to 'formation professionnelle' ? As they are not adults, I'm not sure legally speaking what sort of contract I would have to draw up ??
Is there anybody out there who can help ?

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Re: Going freelance in France

Unread postby systematic » 29 Oct 2010, 10:14

I'm not familiar with the auto-entrepreneur scheme, but when I first started teaching free-lance in France, I formed an assoc. 1901 to enable me to get a SIREN and SIRET, operate legally, declare for tax exemption, draw up an employment contract for my secretary, and contribute for my own SECU. Most of the private customers were not interested in a contract, but they got a computer printed course description, invoice, and receipt - pretty much the same as is practiced in any high street cram school anywhere in the world today. Under the formation professionnelle/auto-entrepreneur are you expected to submit the contracts to a government department to obtain a subsidy or something? I would be more inclined to do the TOIC stuff for the lycéens on the side.

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