Dual nationality: Canadian and Dutch

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Dual nationality: Canadian and Dutch

Unread postby jkeuning » 02 Aug 2010, 05:55

Hi all,

I have a general question for ya regarding teaching in Europe. I currently live in Canada, and I am interested in moving to Europe. I have dual nationality: Canadian and Dutch, with valid passports. As a Dutch/EU citizen I know I can freely work within the EU. I am a native English speaker, with conversational French and I am interested in teaching English in the Netherlands or possibly France. I was just wondering if I take a TEFL/CELTA course, what are the odds of landing a "good paying" teaching job there? I do have two Canadian college diplomas, but not a university degree. I'm hoping that the degree won't matter as the degree requirement is usually required by the governments to issue work visas and/or permits which I won't need. I know teachers "won't get rich", but the 20 or 30 Euros per hour most websites say teachers can make in Western Europe for like working 25 hrs per week, is better than working 40 hrs a week for 11.25 an hour in a call centre or something.

Any suggestions or thoughts?


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Re: Dual nationality: Canadian and Dutch

Unread postby markc » 02 Aug 2010, 22:12

The market for English teaching jobs in the Netherlands is very small. Most people learn English at school, and learn they very well. In other parts of Europe - for example France - you may have a better chance of finding work.

I don't know which websites you read, but 30 euros an hour is not common in Europe for language school work. 15-20 euros is more likely. Remember that this includes preparation time and homework/exam correction time. If you get a lot of privates and other freelance work, you could earn more.

However, I agree that it's better than working in a call centre.

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