School in Padova Italy - Salary query

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School in Padova Italy - Salary query

Unread postby Vcooke » 10 Feb 2010, 12:15

Hi All
I would really appreciate some advice. I completed my CELTA in November and I am now looking for a job. Has anyone worked with Inlingua in Padova Italy? If so what was your experience?
I have been told salary is €12 per hour with approx. 100hrs per month..Is this the going rate for EFL teachers in Italy?
I have also been told the following:
"On arrival, you will be asked to sign a simple standardised letter stating that for taxable purposes you are still resident in Ireland and that gives you tax - exempt status here, in Italy for 2 years." Does this mean I still need to pay Irish Tax????
This follows on to
" So, this " letter " is valid for 2 years from the date you begin teaching here and you will receive 12 euros an hour for every hour taught, whether here in the centre or in outside locations. Cancelled lessons are reimbursed at 30mins if they happen on the day of the lesson itself and you are already in school or on the way to the company. Travel expenses are reimbursed at cost."
Should I ask for a formal contract??? Or will this letter be enough???

Any advice would be great..thanks so much :)


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Re: School in Padova Italy - Salary query

Unread postby smokino » 11 Mar 2010, 13:21


I can't say too much regarding your contract. Each school works differently.

What I can comment on is your salary query....12 euros is definitely on the bottom end of a market that pays anywhere from 12 all the way to 90.

I've worked in Milan for about 10 years. Big schools such as Wall Street and Shenker tend to pay the least. 12 to 15 euro. Small schools offer 15 to 20. Private colleges or institutions pay 20 to 35. Companies that specialize in ESP or CLIL such as Canning or Indibion pay 30 to 50. Associations that work with European funds such as Fondo Artiginato pay anywhere from 45 to 90.

Here are some links if you were interested:

As far as associations working with funds, just google "fondo artiginato".

It's difficult, however, to get work with companies that specialize in ESP or private associations that work funds. Competition is fierce....Nevertheless, have a go at it.

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