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Advice needed

Unread postby legaff » 30 Apr 2009, 01:11

Hey everyone, i'm new to this Forum. I'd just like to ask a question if anyone can help that would be awesome. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (Philosophy and English). I am planning to relocate to Europe from Australia. I intend to base myself in either London or Stockholm permanently.

My question is, what are my prospects if I do an online TESOL course? Will a degree and a TESOL certificate be enough? Or will I need to do a more extensive course?

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Re: Advice needed

Unread postby ThomasTopham » 07 May 2009, 11:27

I know this is a vague answer but to be honest "it depends".

A lot will depend on what exactly your visa / immigration status is. If you are intending to work under the table, those types of schools probably won't care much what you specific qualifications are.

If you want to work in a reputable private school, I would strongly suggest the CELTA, SIT TESOL, Trinity, or another recognized and accredited course.

If you want a job in the state / public school system, that is an entirely different thing and I imagine it would require much more extensive proof of qualifications, such as an MEd or similar.

I am no expert but most of the online courses are not giving you any meaningful certification - rather, they are helping you to feel more capable and confident teaching English. To a potential employer such a certificate is nothing more than an indication of your intent and commitment to the idea of ESL/EFL work.

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Re: Advice needed

Unread postby ICAL_Pete » 07 May 2009, 12:10

I think you need to keep the two issues separate. One thing is certification and another is immigration.

Due to a very difficult situation with obtaining work visa in the whole of the European Union, employers prefer EU passport holders to non EU passport holder, regardless of the amount of teaching qualifications they may have. Basically they look for teachers who do not need to apply for visa.

This does not mean you cannot work in Europe but simply that it may take you longer to find employment.

Being TEFL certified will certainly make you more marketable and it will also prepare you for the job.

CELTA is undoubtedly a popular qualification especially in Europe but it is also a fairly intensive certificate program in terms of finance, workload and commitment.

Training online is a viable option, despite what some supporters of traditional onsite courses claim. In fact online TESL/TEFL training has existed for many years. However as with all new things online TEFL courses met with a lot of resistance and preconception purely on the grounds that they were delivered online. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of those course providers like ICAL who have been committed to quality teacher training since the very beginning, the trend has changed, and even major universities around the globe are making the switch to online learning.

Many good schools around the world happily accept online TESL/TEFL Certificates issued by reputable organizations. So if you are looking for a way to get some basic training and a foot in the door, online training is an option worth considering.

Just make sure you choose a reliable course provider, and this applies to any course whether it is conducted online or onsite.

TEFL Course Review is a site where TESL/TEFL courses and course providers are independently reviewed and rated by those who have actually taken the course. It might help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Re: Advice needed

Unread postby englishmunich » 15 May 2009, 22:11

London and Stockholm are both great places, but they are also two of the most expensive cities in the world, and they are both filled with starving tefl teachers looking for work.
You've got the Degree so you're part way there, but without a CELTA (or equivalent) qualification it will be pretty difficult over here. No respectable schools will pay any attention to an online pay-per-download certificate.
An alternative path: with your degree you may be able to get some work as a private tutor if you can afford to advertise yourself and are sociable enough to make the necessary connections.
Otherwise, hold out in Aus long enough to get a recognised certificate and some experience would also help.
Best of luck.
Just out of interest, why are you set on London or Stockholm? Why not try some smaller regional towns?

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