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Beginning TEFL job in China next week: looking for general moving to/living in China tips

Posted: 30 Dec 2017, 18:36
by Ikimasu
Hey everyone.

I'm a new teacher and will be beginning my first TEFL job next week. I'll be moving to Shanghai to teach children (ages 4-5), and I'm looking for some general tips from anyone who has something to share.

I've mostly been concerned with just selling off everything I have, but now I'm beginning to realize that Hey! China has a lot of different laws, customs and habits than America and I goofed up by not looking into all of this stuff!

So some questions I have:
1) Does anyone have a preferred VPN service they used? My employer recommended I acquire one, but as I've just started to do the research it seems that this is actually more complicated and diverse than simply shelling out some money. Any advice?

2) In general, what is the cost of clothing in Shanghai? I'm trying to pack light for this trip on account of my employer only paying for one bag, and I'm wondering what would be best to do. Try and pack all four seasons, or can I prioritize which clothes I like, paying for shorts/tanks/etc. when the seasons come without it being too expensive?

3) Regarding teaching, my employer makes it clear that they want their teachers to use the facilities and items that the school itself provides. That being said, I expect I'll eventually feel compelled (or even be required) to deviate and construct activities and lesson materials on my own. Are there certain teaching materials I will not be able to find in China, and what quantity do you think should be brought over?

And a lot more questions too, but I'll just leave it there for now. Any and all suggestions and tips are appreciated!

Re: Beginning TEFL job in China next week: looking for general moving to/living in China tips

Posted: 04 Jan 2018, 09:23
by Murphy
You came to the right place. Just start reading all the posts in this section or visit these three websites for even more tips and free advice from veteran TEFL teachers in China...

Good luck bud and watch out for the scammers.