Getting Z Visa for China?

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Getting Z Visa for China?

Unread post by jonjas » 03 Sep 2017, 19:57

I have a prospective job lined up in China but am a bit confused as to the process of obtaining my Z Visa. I have my notarized diploma and non-criminal background check, so is the next step to get those documents notarized/approved by a Chinese Consulate? And then after that my employer can begin work on getting me a work permit? Or do I get a letter of employment first, then present all those documents to the Chinese Consulate all at once? Any advice on the process would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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Re: Getting Z Visa for China?

Unread post by Grizzly » 06 Sep 2017, 05:44

First off, don't let anyone talk you into coming to China on anything other than a Z visa if you are going to work here. If they say you will get it after you get here it is a scam. Now them whoever is offering you a job needs to send you an invitation letter saying yu are to be hired as a full time teacher and require a Z visa. That must be contained in the text of the invitation letter along with the fact you are hired on a 1 year contract. The oreintation letter will be on letterhead of the school or company that is hiring you and have their corporate red seal on it. You take that document with your diploma and policie certificate to the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate to your home and apply for a visa. Be sure you say you are going to work here in China for one year. If anyone tells you to lie on your visa application they are a scam and you should report them to

That is all you need to do. I do suggest however that you read this so you do not get scammed like most new teachers inbound to China...Not everything. ... am-artists Good luck and bring any medications you use in bulk. It is hard to find them in China and when you do they are super expensive.

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