DIY... Getting A FREE White-Listed China Foreign Teacher Job

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DIY... Getting A FREE White-Listed China Foreign Teacher Job

Unread postby Nathan » 21 Jul 2014, 06:46

Want to avoid the scammy agents and identity thieves and still find a white-listed school in China? YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! Here is how I did it...

1) First read this article:

2) Now either request the direct employers list from the CFTU by email or just send them your latest CV and photo and ask for " Free White List Distribution"

3) If you get the list you will have to make your own phone calls and send out about 3,000 emails. If you let the CFTU do it for you, in a week you start getting calls from real schools and not agents. Best of all the schools are NOT blacklisted.

4) Collect 5-10 offers and take your pick! None of this costs you a penny and nobody is hawking your personal information.

I just did this routine and landed a sweet gig last week that starts in September with a 15,000 salary and free apartment. I didn't have to speak with a single agent and only the school itself got a copy of my passport.

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