Warning China Jingdezhen Comprehensive College

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Warning China Jingdezhen Comprehensive College

Unread postby lambertla » 16 Jan 2014, 09:37

You really want to teach at the JINGDEZHEN University.

Think twice before doing the jump, it might be your last move in China. Teaching there was like crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a bathtub.
I am French, Teacher at the JINGDEZHEN University during the first semester 2013.

As you might know, Jingdezhen has already a bad reputation. Read first this post.
I will write my warning as a supplement of this one.

Before everything, I respect the students more than you can imagine, but I would never recommend JINGDEZHEN to anyone that I am friends with.

I will start just by giving few elements to describe the context, the atmosphere.

It’s Sunday morning you are in your bed. Like every day you are awakened by a loud noise at 6 AM. Your apartment is located in the middle of the campus and the activity around starts at 6 AM every day even the Sunday.
It’s only 6 am, so you decide to stay in your bed. Why? Because it’s Sunday damn and you have nothing to do. But after a couple of hours you realize that this idea was wrong.

The phone rings. You hear some words from a voice you know, it takes one second to understand that the voice comes from one lady working at the foreign office. She says: “You have class today. The students are waiting for you. You must go there immediately”.

Without a shower, without any breakfast, without questioning, you got dressed and ran to the classroom.
Fortunately you had one lesson prepared in advance.
So during 2 hours, dirty, you give this lesson to 55 students completely dumbfounded. You give this lesson with a feeling of humiliation.

At the end of the day during a meeting with the foreign office team you complained strongly about this situation. But the answer you’ve got from the person in charge of the communication with the teachers is: “I told you that this Sunday was working date”. I didn’t say anything…I am not used to deal with dishonest people. Because of the holidays the University has changed the schedule of the week without letting me know.

Problems start for you when you become very popular with students. JINGDEZHEN doesn’t like popular teachers because popular teachers “have too much influence on students.”

The result: you are given more hours to teach.
When you ask the management: “All the teachers have signed the same contract! Why does my week workload has 4 more hours than others teachers? We have the same salary!”

The answer is “This is our decision. You have nothing to say. Based on the contract you have signed we can give you 8 hours more than others. With only 4 hours more you should feel lucky.

I was in good terms with the JINGDEZHEN foreign office of the University until the day I received an email from a Chinese recruiter.

This is his email:
“Heze University wanted to hire you, but they called Jingdezhen University, Jiangxi Province. We were all told that your name is blocked in China Foreign Experts Bureau. No Schools can help you get a new working visa and a new foreign expert card in China Foreign Experts Bureau. It is a dead reason for you.”

I’ve asked confirmation to the University and surprise, for the first time, I didn’t have any answer from them. So I decided to write this warning:

My intention here was to warn any teachers to stay well away from JINGDEZHEN.
I am convinced that JINGDEZHEN put systematically foreign teachers on the Teacher National blacklist at the end of the year for one reason or another.
Whether you finish your contract or not you will be blacklisted. No matter how good teacher you are!!!! I suppose that Teachers are put, most of the time, in the “trouble maker” category.

http://www.chinaforeignteachersunion.co ... tains.html

So, if your intention is to work in China for more than 1 year, do not start with JINGDEZHEN University. If you just want to have one experience in China and then leave, you will be ok with them.
From what I have heard, all the former teachers who had worked at the JINGDEZHEN University left China after the JINGDEZHEN experience.

Maybe without knowing that they are now on the Teacher national blacklist!!!!!
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Re: Warning China Jingdezhen Comprehensive College

Unread postby shellygwar » Yesterday, 05:47

I must respond to this post as I almost did not accept the position at this University based on this very biased review of the school. You did not inform the school you were leaving. You packed your bags and took off! You will be banned at any University in China if you do this! You signed a contract. You must pay a fee to leave. Not only us, but the University invests a lot of money into signing you on as a teacher. They pay for the foreign teacher expert certificate, the health exam, your medical insurance and taxes and fees. The foreign affairs office must go many places and do a lot of paperwork when you accept the position! Packing your bag and taking off is a good way to be banned. This was your choice so live with it without complaint in my humble opinion. I did not hear the story of your very short and prompt decision to leave from the school. I heard about it from other staff and students.

I have found the school to be very professional. I have found the English major students to be very eager and wonderful to teach. They are fun and respectful. Some of the students, according to the other complaint, are not so nice. This is true. I have traveled to other countries. This is to be expected. I have travelled to France and found this to be true. Some of the French people were awesome and some were rude or distant. This is how it is in every country. It is your attitude which determines your overseas experience.

If you had stayed long enough, you would know that the government decides if you teach on a Sunday before a holiday. China has long holidays so why complain? It is simply a way to make up your classes so the students have their classes they will miss over a long holiday.

We are given a modern apartment with western amenities. We live better than the students. There is culture shock. You were not here long enough to get over the culture shock or overcome some of the common culture miscommunications and misunderstandings which happen.

I am very happy to be here. I do not have any complaints. I teach eight classes a week with the classes being one hour and forty minutes. You will not find this kind of job hardly anywhere!!! I have a lot of fun with the students and they show me how to get around town and how to shop. The English students are very kind and eager.

Your lessons are prepared for you in almost every class! There is plenty of time to discuss cultural differences and engage the students in how other people live. They are very interested. The University appears to want popular teachers here. I have not had the same experiences as you.

In China, there are last minute changes but this is a cultural difference in itself. It sounds like you took it personally. You did not stay long enough to know it is not personal!

The foreign affairs office at this University has been very kind, prompt to my questions, patient with my fears during the first week, and professional. I would recommend this college to any teacher without hesitation. It is a great small town feeling. The University is smaller so it is not overwhelming and a very comfortable place to experience China as a teacher.
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