Im doing a TEFL course Portugal, early Summer...2006...

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Im doing a TEFL course Portugal, early Summer...2006...

Unread postby James3D » 30 Mar 2006, 19:17

Hi there,
Im shortly going to apply to do a TEFL course in portugal in early Summer 2006, should give me 2 months to find work for September, I want to teach in Spain.

I was wondering, if its worth now, contacting english schools in Portugal/Spain to say i am doing a TEFL course early summer, and to see if they may have any Summer posts? Even if its just to get voluntary experience prior to September. Or shold i wait until I get the certificate?

I am looking forward to some time out from my freelance business where I work on my own more than i want to, i know jobs in Spain/Portugal are hard to get but I will try at least.

I was wondering if anyone can reccomend any good schools to do it, I surf on waves so want somewhere near the Atlantic too, what about Lisbon? If anyone is in a similar position and also surf, please get in touch too....

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Unread postby JihaneM » 15 Nov 2006, 12:48

Hi there

I saw you were looking into doing a TEFL course in Portugal with a view to working in Spain afterwards. I'm thinking of doing the same thing myself and was wondering if you could tell me how it worked out? Did you go to Lisbon? How was the course? Did you manage to find work easily? Was the surfing any good?!


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