Teaching English abroad? Initial questions.

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Teaching English abroad? Initial questions.

Unread postby yaakovdov » 29 Jun 2013, 14:12

Hi. I'm from England and am literally at the very start of researching the idea of teaching English abroad, which I'm potentially getting very excited about! I don't yet know where, but I would like to live in a foreign culture such as Asia or Africa. I've done a lot of backpacking in Asia already, but never settled somewhere for a while, which I think would be a totally different experience. Japan certainly jumps out as an initial suggestion, but I'm open to anything. Here's my initial questions ...

1) Am I right in saying that I would need to get a TEFL qualification for many places, but not all (such as Japan)? How does teaching somewhere that requires a TEFL differ to somewhere that doesn't?
2) If needed, how do I get a TEFL qualification and how long does it take?
3) Assuming that most places start the school year in September, am I'm too late in the year now, or maybe can I start later in the year?
4) Finally, is it always a 1 year thing, or potentially could I do a shorter period of time?

Plua any other advice on what steps I should take next would be greatly appreciated!

Thankyou so much!

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Re: Teaching English abroad? Initial questions.

Unread postby becki » 03 Jul 2013, 05:36

A TEFL qualification is a must, especially if you want to teach in Japan. You can get away with not having one in China and possibly other places in Southeast Asia, but it is worth getting one to get a quality job (better hours, better pay, return airfare, etc.) and also to have an idea of what to do once you get in the classroom.

TEFL courses vary, but most are around 4 weeks intensive. I recommend going abroad to do the course. I did mine in Bali and practiced teaching in the local community. I know other people who did their courses in Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, and they all had good experiences.

Most contracts are for one year, but you might be able to find something shorter. Most language schools hire year-round, so I wouldn't worry about the start of the school year. For Japan, I recommend looking for jobs at Ohayosensei.

All the best!
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Re: Teaching English abroad? Initial questions.

Unread postby GTunion » 08 Apr 2016, 13:54

Though Japan is your first preference, other Southeast Asian countries like China also have good English teaching jobs. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, this nation has thousand of vacancies for teachers. Alongside, the candidates can able to experience a unique culture that you always wanted. The schools in China are hiring teachers, mainly who are from western countries. As a professional working in a reputed native job consultancy in China, I will suggest you settle in our country. First, I want to convey that TEFL certificate is must to get an English job. At the time of your recruitment, reputed schools mainly prefer candidates who have TEFL certificate. It also guarantees your job. This certification is available from the nearby school in your city and the duration of TEFL course is 100+ hours. You can also complete this course online. Mostly all the TEFL jobs contracts last for one year but you can also take early termination if required, but it should be discussed in your interview. You can take help of your agency- GT UNION in searching the right teaching placement in our nation. We will guide you through the process starting from selecting the school, giving interviews and getting a temporary accommodation. We will arrange Skype consultation to know your preferences. We guarantee that you will be placed at the right school. For more information, you can visit our site: goodteachersunion.org

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