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Ivy Education China

Unread postby atlantean » 01 Jan 2013, 06:53

Ivy Education is not a licensed school and consequently uses illegal foreign teachers. There are two schools which they currently affiliate with: Qidong middle school and Taiyuan number 5 middle school, operating "AP" programs. They are a shadow company operating around the fringes of the law, and great caution should be used in any dealings with them.
I should have known better, but I trusted a few people and let my guard down. They do pay well, but have no ability to get anyone a visa, despite what they say in their ads or to your face. Just hired another teacher in Taiyuan on a tourist visa. I had one semester remaining on a residence permit and was lured by the salary. Very polite, evasive and great con-artists. Note: There are several companies in China using the name "Ivy Education", and some of them may be legit.

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Re: Ivy Education China

Unread postby Judgesuds » 19 Jan 2013, 02:02

Hi, I currently work for Ivy at qidong middle school. The programme is actually International A Level, not AP. All of our foreign teachers here are on legitimate visas which were arranged before their arrival. The visas are supported by qidong middle school which is in the top 10 schools in china and neither has the need nor desire for shady employment practices. I have never experience working for a better company in China than the this one.

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