Teaching in a Chinese university - Questions

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Teaching in a Chinese university - Questions

Unread postby razzamundo » 23 Dec 2012, 20:19

Next year I want to start a CELTA or Trinity TESOL course to become an English teacher in China. I'm a British-born Chinese and I want to learn Mandarin to a fluent level (I'm a Cantonese speaker) plus travel the country a bit. I'm aware that there is discrimination against non-white English teachers, which is why I'm taking the course. I hope that this and my university degree, which comes from a top university, can help with my applications.

I'm currently working for a marketing agency and I aim to leave my company early next year to start the TEFL course. My goal is to complete the course and then start applying for English teacher jobs in Chinese universities.

My first question - has anyone worked as an English teacher at a Chinese university and how competitive is it? I know there are plenty of jobs in city schools but I really want to apply for the prestigious ones which are state-sponsored. I prefer working with adults and I want to avoid the ones that rip off students and teachers.

Second question - when do Chinese universities, especially the prestigious state sponsored ones, start looking for English teachers? I can leave my company at end of Feb to start the CELTA in March or leave the company at end of March to start in April. Should I leave my company ASAP so that I can start the TEFL and then start applying for the best teaching jobs in China? I can start looking for jobs in China in either April or May, depending on when I leave my company.

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Re: Teaching in a Chinese university - Questions

Unread postby robbotochina » 16 Feb 2013, 08:53

Being Chinese is a big problem and as its an irrational attitude on the part of schools in China, it is not easily overcome - even by impeccable qualifications.
You'll get a better reception in the public schools than the private language schools as the white face is part of the 'sell' to gullible parents.
Don't look at the prestigious schools first up.
Provincial level unis and vocationals will be easier targets. Look at the higher level nationally ranked schools if you decide to make a longer term thing of it ie Y2 and beyond.
Your timing is good for autumn 2013 ie Sept start as this is the big intake.
You should have your details up on websites like seriousteachers.com asap.
The flurry of hiring will be April/May.
Warning: Always have 2 or more applications on the go at any time.
It can be a brutal process.

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