British or Irish passport for South Korea

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British or Irish passport for South Korea

Unread postby delpiero » 04 Oct 2012, 01:19


I am planning to teach in South Korea in 2013 and as a dual national Ireland/UK was wondering which passport is better to begin this process?

Does anyone have any experience of this? I have heard that some recruiters prefer different nationalities e.g. US/Canadian so was wondering whether to use my UK or Irish passport.

Any insight would be of great help.


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Re: British or Irish passport for South Korea

Unread postby jasminade » 04 Oct 2012, 07:16

I am able to get both passports like yourself but have an Irish one. That is a choice that I made long ago as I was born in Dublin. However, having being raised in the north, some employers like the sound of being educated in the UK. So, it is really up to you. I am in the north of China by the by.

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