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Work in SE Asia Without a Degree

Unread postby Sumoyat » 03 Sep 2012, 11:46

Hi All,

My girlfriend and I are currently looking to move abroad next summer. She is a qualified Maths teacher and will look for work in an international school. I have worked in a finacial institution for the last 4 years but do not have a degree. I do have 3 A-Levels and a TEFL certificate too.

We are not overly concerned about where we move to, South Korea is our first choice but I am aware that the visa requirements specify a degree. We would rather not move to China as my girlfriend grew up their and wants to explore new countries.

From what I have read so far most countries now require a degre for visa purposes and, whilst I don't doubt that I could find work illegally teaching, we are hoping to move for 2-5 years and I would much rather find something secure.

We are happy to get married before we move if it would mean I could obtain a visa to work on the back of my girlfriend's visa.

So far I have seen a few countries that don't require degrees (Argentina, Costa Rica, Russia, China, Mexico) but my girlfriend would like to teach a similar syllabus to the UK one, she also hates calling her subject 'Math' = )

If anyone has some advice they could give us about this it would be greatly appreciated, or any knowledge of countries we could obtain visas for in our situation.



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