New teacher off to Pinhurst school,S.Korea soon, any advice?

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New teacher off to Pinhurst school,S.Korea soon, any advice?

Unread postby MrRawkyRoo » 14 Jul 2012, 13:11

Hey everyone,

I'm soon to be jetting off to S.Korea to teach, for 1 year at least, and was wondering if anyone could offer any additional advice?

I'll be teaching in a Hogwan, in Incheon, from the beginning of August. I'm quite aware of some of the pitfulls with Hogwan's, such as:

- Little holiday/sick day time
- Job security
- Unsociable working hours
- Contract changes

but at least I get the weekends off, right? :?

Anyway, the school I'm working for is , it looks pretty nice but I know looks can be deceiving. Has anyone had or know anyone that has experience with this school? Any last minute warnings I should know of?

As its a Hogwan, I'm in the mindset of giving it just the 1 year, but what have your experiences of Hogwan's been like?

At the moment I'm feeling completely unprepared, so any advice I what I should be doing, before I go, and what I should bring would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance :)

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