Etik/Atop recruitment agency in Korea

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Etik/Atop recruitment agency in Korea

Unread postby okcomputer » 13 Jul 2011, 22:41


Was wondering if any of you lovely people could give me some advice. I'm currently trying to find employment at a private language school in Korea using various different recruitment agencies.

A recruitment agency called etik/atop - - contacted me with some positions and now i have an interview with one of their schools. This is strange because i have never contacted this company before so i don't know how they got my details!

Anyway.... has anyone heard of this agency before? anyone ever used them? i've heard some horror stories of people ending up at schools that don't fulfill the agreed contract, don't pay you on time, change the working hours without notice etc etc.

I just wanted to find out if anyone has ever heard of this company before? i want a job in Korea ASAP but i don't want to go all the way out there just for them to screw me!

Any info would be much appreciated.



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