Prospective ESL teacher in Vietnam – advice welcome

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Prospective ESL teacher in Vietnam – advice welcome

Unread postby melsie » 10 Jun 2011, 11:31

Hello teachers! Has anyone taught English in Vietnam?

If so, I'd love to know about your experience. What are Vietnamese learners like? What are their main strengths and weaknesses? What's the job market like? What advice would you give to a prospective teacher?

A bit of background info: I'm moving to Vietnam this summer and I plan to teach English there. I'm currently working in Paris, France, and I'm taking the CELTA course here in July. I've been learning Vietnamese for a couple of years. I've been a language tutor (one-to-one) but I've never really taught a whole class (taught French conversation for a semester in the US). So I'm feeling a bit nervous!

Any advice, insight, feedback... highly appreciated!


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