Xinyang Normal University - avoid it

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Xinyang Normal University - avoid it

Unread postby Frankie » 03 Feb 2011, 01:35

I have experience of working at Xinyang Normal University and feel that I should share some. As a location I like the city, and the students are great too. However, there the positive facts end. I found that at Xinyang Normal University 2/3 of the office staff who should be taking care of the Foreign Experts/Foreign teachers are more interested in taking care of themselves. Thus at any opportunity they use the foreign teachers for their own financial gain. Some of the issues are as follows:

1. When I arrived at Xinyang Normal University I was promised to be given a summer salary according to the contract. However the woman in charge objected, and it wasn't until foreign teachers objected and threatened a lawyer that we finally got what we promised. However, that was the last time they paid the summer salary. Also, we no longer receive an allowance for utility bills because the woman in the office keeps this money for herself.

2. During one year a new teacher asked for a wardrobe to be given to him in his appartment, because it should be supplied. The office woman replied he must buy it himself. Why should he buy it himself?? Because she could claim the money for the wardrobe herself, by claiming she paid for it herself. The woman is so connected with local workers that when equipment needs repair e.g. the AC unit, she will ask him to write a receipt saying it cost more money (maybe double) than what she pays so she can claim back more money from the university.

3. The staff from the IEC office seem to want to make money from the foreign teachers. One teacher wanted to travel home and see a sick relative for the holiday period. He booked his flight and moved his classes forward and taught all the normal required classes before leaving. He made up all the classes and taught the normal amount. However, when the woman from the IEC office heard he had done this she said his pay must be deducted.

4. Foreign teachers are told that they can strictly have no other job outside Xinyang Normal University. However, sometimes the teachers are asked to go and give a class to local primary school students. In this case the staff from the IEC office will be paid for the work of the foreign teachers!! One teacher felt tricked by the staff because they would say something like please can you help our university students on the weekend, whereas, in truth he finds on Saturday he has to work in a school which is nothing to do with the university.

Xinyang Normal University pays a minimal salary, there's not very good heating and when you have problems you sometimes have to threaten to stop teaching to get them solved. I strongly suggest you avoid XInyang Normal University!

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