Strange request in China....

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Strange request in China....

Unread postby RobJames » 31 Dec 2010, 13:28

Request to do something outside of my job contract.

I am teaching in a private college which is linked to a main government university on the same campus.

Recently I was called by the office of the university (this is not even the same department I work in) to help with a student. They said the student is applying for a university in America, and I asked if I can help....OK no problem.

A little later the office calls me. They say that actually, the student is not at this university, but, the student is in a completely separate province to the one I am in. Now it appears I am to call this student on the internet and interview them. After the interview I am to sign some papers and comment on the students English. All this seems very strange to me and I wonder what is going on. For one thing I do not know if the person I interview is really the same person.

Does anyone know what the true intentions are here?

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Re: Strange request in China....

Unread postby Alex Case » 04 Jan 2011, 23:45

No idea, but if China is anything like other East Asian countries I have worked in, there is basically no way that you can say no without offending someone. It's all about mutual personal favours.

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