Chain schools in Japan and other advice please

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Chain schools in Japan and other advice please

Unread postby rgomez » 20 Dec 2010, 05:12

Hello everyone!! I was wondering if anyone can give me information regarding TEFL? I am currently in college going for a bachelors in computer science and plan on getting TEFL certified near the end. My goal is to teach English in Japan and would like information regarding what the top chains are and also any experience from someone who taught English in Japan.

I just love the culture in Japan and am in the processes of taking the four levels of Japanese offered at my institution. From those who taught in Japan or other counties, do you feel teaching at a large chain school is better or worse than a small chain school? From what I could gather, large chain schools offer more money and have fixed coursework so you do not need to make your own lesson plans and just follow the script they want you to teach. Only problem is that they have such a large application base that they can easily replace you with someone else.

Thanks in advance, Richard Gomez

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