Yangshuo and or japan (and general help)

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Yangshuo and or japan (and general help)

Unread postby TomCT » 21 Oct 2010, 03:41

I apologise for the very newbie questions but i dont really have an information source to ask any questions so feeling a little lost a disorientated by the world of ESl, so any help and info is massively appreciated.

i'm from the UK and a native English speaker, I have completed an online tefl qualification (from i to i) and have BA degree.

My plan is to head to yangshuo in china, find a few months work to save a little money (enough to cover me to go to Japan) then with the experience i have travel to Japan to find work for a year.

Is it best to apply for jobs outside of the country and then let the school help with visas, or just turn up on a tourist visa and sort it after finding a job.

I already have a fairly comprehensive CV, but its designed to help me find an internship in England, does anyone know of any resources where i can get advice for tailoring my cv for esl jobs?

basically, im stuck as for whats my first/next step for getting a esl job?

Many thanks for any advice offered


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