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Golden Doorway/VIPChina

Unread postby tonyclarey » 21 Jul 2010, 16:24

Has anyone else had dealings with Walter Crompton at Golden Doorway or Goldwyn of VIPChina?
No problems so far,it's just that we've exchanged a few e-mails,I've 'mailed my CV,cert. & photo with a view to taking the next step,but I'd like to know if anyone has any tips or anything to say about the organisations and individuals?

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Re: Golden Doorway/VIPChina

Unread postby RobJames » 22 Jul 2010, 14:16

Never heard of them when I was there.

But if you google VIP China scam there are several complaints.

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Re: Golden Doorway/VIPChina

Unread postby WCrompton » 15 Jul 2011, 00:55

This is Walter of Golden Doorway. I taught in China four years ago, and had such an exciting time that I thought it would be fun (sometimes) and perhaps profitable (not so far!) to help prospective foreign teachers avoid mistakes I made, and act as their advocate with the agencies that place teachers. I advertise to find teachers, screen them, and then introduce them to an agent. After that, all I do is advise and advocate, as required. By being a good source of teachers, I have clout with the agency and can at least influence them to the teachers benefit. Of course, I try to pick reliable agencies, but things keep changing. For example, VIP China placed me and treated me extremely well while I was in China, but the management has changed, and I am not working with them any longer. Even so, I would not classify them as a scam organization. Teachers should be aware that agencies are far more inclined to worry about their client schools than the teachers, since the teachers are far more transient, and do not pay the bills directly. Capitalism in China is particularly dog-eat-dog, and involves a lot of cheating. This fish is definitely rotting from the head, so don't expect positive changes soon. I could go on and on, but much of what is wrong is with the school administrators. Racist discrimination, misrepresented work loads and living conditions, and cheating on pay are shamefully common. While there are good ones, be especially wary of private schools. Bad things are far more likely to happen if you annoy someone important, and I thus advise that a good strategy is to gently push for what you think is right, while realizing that you must go along to get along.

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